Disclaimer Acceptance

Before you are able to use the application you will need to read and accept the disclaimer.


Once the disclaimer has been accepted you will be taken to the settings page where you can configure various options


Setting Default Value Comments
Full SYNC Version N/A

Enter they full version number of your current SYNC version.
This is almost always in the following format #.#.##### where the first 2 #'s are the SYNC version and the last 5 are build number

SYNC Region N/A

Select your current SYNC region, (EU, NA, CN, ANZ, SA, ROW).

Navigation False

Select whether you have navigation/maps on your SYNC unit.

Download Location System Downloads Path

Select where you want to download the sync files, do not use your destination drive as the download path.

Language System Locale

Select your preferred language for the application to use, defaults to your current locale if available or EN-US as a fallback.

Theme System Theme

Select if you want Dark or Light theme for the application

Install Mode autodetect

You can force a installmode, in most cases leaving this at autodetect is preferred, options are autodetect, autoinstall, reformat and downgrade, refer to advanced documentation for information on this.

Show All Releases False

Enable this to show "in testing" sync releases that aren't quite ready for release yet or haven't been tested thoroughly

License Key N/A

Not implemented yet!

Ensure you enter these settings correctly, entering wrong information here will cause you issues, Syn3 Updater automatically determines the best install mode based on your current version, region 

Ensure you enter these settings correctly After saving your settings you will be taken to the "Home" page,