Syn3 Updater

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Getting Started

New to Syn3 Updater? Read this chapter to understand the basics!

Getting Started


Before we begin it's important to know what hardware version of SYNC you have.

If your car looks like the left of the picture below you are likely to be able to use this application. If it looks like the right side then you will need to replace your unit with a newer SYNC 3 unit.


Now that we have confirmed that you do not have SYNC 2 we need to confirm if you have SYNC 2.5 or SYNC 3.

If your "About" screen looks like the one on your left with the text centre aligned and the version as X.X Build XXXXX then you have SYNC 3, if it looks like the right image then you unfortunately have SYNC 2.5 and this application and processes are not compatible.