Use your own domain with a dynamic DNS

Straight to the point, Here is a simple guide on setting up your own domain to work with dynamic DNS providers such as DynDNS, No-ip etc.  



Setting it up

OK So i'm going to assume you have already got the dynamic DNS set up with a domain like "domainname.dyndns.org" or something. once this is done simply load your domains control panel and add a new DNS record (Below shows cloudflare's DNS control panel)

As you can see from the picture above, Create a CNAME record with depending on your domain name provider either the subdomain part of the domain or the whole domain + subdomain e.g "nas" or "local.cyanlabs.co.uk" and in the second field type the dynamic DNS you are currently using.Thats it, now it should take effect immediately but it might not so be sure to wait before assuming it didn't work.

Wordpress - Unknown username. Check again or try your email address.

If when trying to update a post you get the following error message on your password protected site, Wordpress maybe trying to take your BASIC AUTH credentials, temporarily removing the BASIC HTTP Authentication and restarting your browser to clear the session may resolve this issue.